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Contact and Concrit Post [Aug. 22nd, 2022|12:11 pm]
Tyki Mikk

*staples in place*

The best ways to get ahold of me are through email or AIM, though I can sometimes get overwhelmed with AIM if too many people talking to me at the same time. XD My screen isn't big enough for more than about 3 windows at a time.

That being said, please AIM me if you want to discuss a scene, if you like AIM and I'm online at the time. It's way easier than email or comments and it's my preferred method of hashing things out. Tyki can use the Ark to travel to other worlds, so he can come visit your characters. I think he is going to greatly enjoy the novelty of travelling around the universe for some time to come.

You can also comment here if you want to scene with me, or if you have any concrit for how I play Tyki or my conduct in the game. I have been RPing for *mumblemumble* years now, but I've never been in a game quite like this, so I'm sure I'll mess things up. And Tyki is also not a character I've ever played before.

My contact info is:behind the cutCollapse )
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[RL with Issei] [Jul. 24th, 2011|07:51 am]
Tyki Mikk
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Even Tyki was a little bemused as he opened a door from the Ark to Issei's world and picked up the boy, then brought him along the dark paths to a new doorway, which he opened to his own beach house.

The house was pretty much as he had left it. The beach was beautiful, and the day was warm. A few palm leaves had fallen on the roof and he made a mental note to get those off later, and make sure everything was intact, and one of the big bay windows had cracked, perhaps in a wind storm. But the house was clean and smelled fresh, and Alice bowed and welcomed him home as he walked in the door, then bustled off to get him and his guest drinks.

"Come," he said, smiling to the blue-haired boy, slipping his arm around Issei's shoulders and guiding him towards the sofa. "It looks like everything is as it's supposed to be."
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[RL with Anita] [Sep. 1st, 2010|02:12 pm]
Tyki Mikk
[Tags|, , ]

Tyki picked Anita at 8:00 sharp, as promised. He wasn't dressed in Victorian clothes this time, though, instead dressed in his long white coat and leather pants that left his scars bare to the air. They still pained him frequently, and it helped to keep the roughness of cloth away from them, even if the cloth was silk.

He took her in his car, rather than through the Ark, and they landed on the concrete pad outside his beach house, the sun painting the sky red and orange as it set over the Caribbean sea. "Please, come in," Tyki invited her, offering her his arm with a smile. "Would you like a drink?"
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[RL with Devit] [Aug. 4th, 2010|08:38 pm]
Tyki Mikk
[Tags|, , , ]

It had been three weeks. Time often seemed to fly by for Tyki, whiling away his days doing whatever he felt like doing, but these three weeks had crawled past. Devit alternated between flying into rages and falling into black moods, and the latter had grown more and more frequent.

Despite Devit's wishes, Tyki had done some discreet looking around himself. He'd poked about the island where the scientists lived, just in case, ensuring that no one saw him. And he'd visited a few places around his own world, including the Ark, but there was no sign of Jasdero anywhere he looked.

It was worrying, not just because Jasdero could be in serious trouble, but because of the effect it was having on Devit.

He knocked on the door to Devit's bedroom, the one where the second bed now had stood empty for some time, a bowl of ice cream in his hand. Well, if it was good enough for a woman, it was good enough for his cousin.
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[RL with Anita] [Jul. 4th, 2010|09:42 pm]
Tyki Mikk
[Tags|, , ]

He'd spent a week or two tracking down his friends, and found himself working a farm south of Paris.

Now it was a Sunday, and most of the idiots who worked the fields were at church. What was an Enemy of God to do?

He washed the manure from his hands, and changed, and went into Paris. And an hour before supper, he knocked at the door of a certain brothel. One whose name he knew well, though he'd never been there for quite this purpose before.

"Is Anita here?" he enquired of the girl who answered the door, removing his top hat and smiling at her.
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IC: Contact Info and Voicemail [May. 30th, 2010|08:14 pm]
Tyki Mikk
[Tags|, ]

If you phone his number, you get Tyki's voice.

Greetings, you've reached Tyki Mikk's private answering service. I'm probably busy, or I'd have picked up the phone, and if you leave a message I'll be more than happy to return it. If this is an emergency, call Zechs Marquise at 1-2-412-289-1687, and he'll probably answer it unless he's the reason I'm busy. Have a good day~

Tyki's phone can text, voicemail, IM and pick up his email, as well as surf the community, and he does have call display. It's unlikely that he'd fail to answer a call, since even if you're someone he doesn't like, he'll be too curious that you were calling not to pick it up.

[Not OOCly real]
Personal Email: tykimikk@gmail.com
AIM: personaldemon

If you want to have an AIM conversation with him, feel free to just page me at hellbreakercnd and let me know you want him to answer ICly and I'd be happy to do it! Or just comment down here with phone calls, emails etc.
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[RL with Matt] [May. 14th, 2010|05:53 pm]
Tyki Mikk
[Tags|, , ]

Tyki waited only long enough to confirm Matt's location, then he went out to his car and worldhopped over to Matt's neighbourhood. He pulled up in front in the sleek two-seater Italian sports car and trotted up to the front door. The kid already seemed a little nervous about coming to visit him, so instead of simply walking inside, he rang the buzzer and waited.
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[RL with Klavier] [Apr. 24th, 2010|03:12 pm]
Tyki Mikk
[Tags|, , ]

The sun was still high overhead and Tyki sat on the beach in a deck chair, sipping a lime margarita and waiting. Klavier was due any moment now, and a second margarita was sitting in an ice box at Tyki's feet, just waiting for him to arrive.
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[RL with Phoenix] [Mar. 10th, 2010|10:22 am]
Tyki Mikk
[Tags|, , ]

Tyki picked Phoenix up not long after their conversation, and not long after that they had hopped to Europe and were walking down the boulevard, while Tyki paused every so often to look at the wares displayed in the windows for a place that met his standards for Phoenix's suit.

"So what kind of party is it?" he asked curiously. "Are you looking to impress a lady? Or going on a date with Edgeworth? What is it exactly?"
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[RL with Zechs] [Backdated to Shadow Event] [Jan. 24th, 2010|10:20 am]
Tyki Mikk
[Tags|, , ]

After taking leave of the others who'd come to help Zechs, Tyki took his husband back to their apartment, which wasn't far from the dungeon Zechs' shadow had created. He'd have taken them to their island, or their house in Switzerland, but frankly he didn't want to brave the dangers of the TV world when they were both so exhausted.

It hadn't been an easy battle, even for Tyki, and it was always draining to battle one's shadow. Tyki wasn't fully recovered from his own the day before, and Zechs' feet were dragging.

Tyki made a pot of coffee and poured a generous amount of whiskey into both of their drinks, settling himself on the sofa and dragging Zechs down against him, one arm around his love and the other clutching the coffee mug.
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